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metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Dirac Oscillator in a Galilean Covariant Non-commutative Space
Other Titles: International Journal of Theoretical Physics
Authors: Melo, Genilson Ribeiro de
Montigny, M. de
Pompeia, P. J.
Santos, E. S.
metadata.dc.creator: Melo, Genilson Ribeiro de
Montigny, M. de
Pompeia, P. J.
Santos, E. S.
Abstract: We study the Galilean Dirac oscillator in a non-commutative situation, with space-space and momentum-momentum non-commutativity. The wave equation is obtained via a ‘Galilean covariant’ approach, which consists in projecting the covariant equations from a (4, 1)-dimensional manifold with light-cone coordinates, to a (3, 1)-dimensional Galilean space-time. We obtain the exact wave functions and their energy levels for the plane and discuss the effects of non-commutativity.
Keywords: Non-commutative geometry
Galilean covariance
Dirac equation
Publisher: International Journal of Theoretical Physics
Issue Date: 2013
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