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Title: Surfactant protein B gene polymorphism in preterm babies with respiratory distress syndrome
Other Titles: Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research
Authors: Lyra, Priscila Pinheiro Ribeiro
Diniz, E. M. A.
Abe Sandes, Kiyoko
Angelo, Ana Luiza Dias
Machado, Taisa Manuela Bonfim
Cardeal, Mauricio
Keywords: Newborn respiratory distress syndrome;Genetic polymorphism;Surfactant protein B
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The etiology of respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) is multifactorial and multigenic. Studies have suggested that polymorphisms and mutations in the surfactant protein B (SP-B) gene are associated with the pathogenesis of RDS. The objectives of this study were to determine and compare the frequencies of SP-B gene polymorphisms in preterm babies with and without RDS. We studied 151 neonates: 79 preterm babies without RDS and 72 preterm newborns with RDS. The following four SP-B gene polymorphisms were analyzed: A/C at -18, C/T at 1580, A/G at 9306, and G/C at nucleotide 8714. The polymorphisms were detected by PCR amplification of genomic DNA and genotyping. The genotypes were determined using PCR-based converted restriction fragment length polymorphisms. The control group consisted of 42 (53%) girls and 37 (47%) boys. Weight ranged from 1170 to 3260 g and mean gestational age (GA) was 33.9 weeks (range: 29 to 35 weeks and 6 days). The RDS group consisted of 31 (43%) girls and 41 (57%) boys. Weight ranged from 614 to 2410 g and mean GA was 32 weeks (range: 26 to 35 weeks). The logistic regression model showed that GA was the variable that most contributed to the occurrence of RDS. The AG genotype of the A/G polymorphism at position 9306 of the SP-B gene was a protective factor in this population (OR = 0.1681; 95%CI = 0.0426-0.6629). We did not detect differences in the frequencies of the other polymorphisms between the two groups of newborns.
Description: p. 66-72
URI: http://www.repositorio.ufba.br/ri/handle/ri/5581
ISSN: 0100-879X
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