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metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Krull dimension and integrality of symmetric algebras
Other Titles: Manuscripta Mathematica
Authors: Simis, Aron
Vasconcelos, Wolmer V.
metadata.dc.creator: Simis, Aron
Vasconcelos, Wolmer V.
Abstract: For a finitely generated module E over the Noetherian ring R we consider formulas for the Krull dimension of the symmetric algebra S(E). A result of Huneke and Rossi is re-proved and an eiffective formulais derived that reads the dimension of S(E) from a presentation of E. They provide a first line of obstructions for S(E) to be an integral domain. For algebras of codimension at most four we give methods, including computer-assisted ones, to ascertain whether S(E) is a Cohen-Macaulay domain.
Publisher: Manuscripta Mathematica
Issue Date: 1988
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