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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Characteristics of co-infections by HCV and HBV among Brazilian patients infected by HIV-1 and/or HTLV-1Moreira, Marcia; Ramos, André; Martins Netto, Eduardo; Brites, Carlos
2006Heat therapy for cutaneous leishmaniasis elicits a systemic cytokine response similar to that of antimonial (Glucantime) therapyLobo, Iza M. F.; Soares, Milena Botelho Pereira; Correia, Tania M.; Freitas, Luiz A. R. de; Oliveira, Maria Ines; Nakatani, Maria; Martins Netto, Eduardo; Badaró, Roberto José da Silva; David, John R.
2009Reference range for T lymphocytes populations in blood donors from two different regions in BrazilTorres, Alex José Leite; Angelo, Ana Luiza Dias; Martins Netto, Eduardo; Sampaio, G. P.; Souza, D. F. C.; Inocêncio, L. A.; Lemos, J. A. R.; Brites, Carlos
1995Visceral leishmaniasis in a new ecological niche near a major metropolitan area of BrazilCunha, Sérgio; Freire, Miralba; Eulalio, Conceicao; Critosvao, José; Martins Netto, Eduardo; Johnson Junior, Warren D.; Reed, Steven G.; Badaró, Roberto José da Silva
2013Establishing the reference range for T lymphocytes subpopulations in adults and children from BrazilTorres, Alex José Leite; Angelo, Ana Luiza Dias; Silva, Márcio Oliveira; Bastos, Milena de Carvalho; Souza, Denise Ferreira de; Inocêncio, Lílian Amaral; Lemos, José Alexandre Rodrigues de; S. Júnior, Ruy; Castro, Andréa Cauduro de; Martins Netto, Eduardo; Brites, Carlos
2008100% Adherence Study: Educational Workshops vs. Video Sessions to Improve Adherence Among ART-Naı¨ve Patients in Salvador, BrazilSampaio-Sa, Marcia; Page-Shafer, Kimberly; Bangsberg, David R.; Evans, Jennifer; Dourado, Maria de Lourdes; Teixeira, Celia; Martins Netto, Eduardo; Brites, Carlos


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