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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-May-2008A hierarchical model for studying risk factors for childhood diarrhoea:acase–control study in a middle-income countryFerrer, Suzana R.; Strina, Agostino; Ribeiro, Hugo C.; Cairncross, Sandy; Rodrigues, Laura Cunha; Barreto, Mauricio Lima
2008Impact of a city-wide sanitation intervention in alarge urban centre on social,environmental and behavioural determinants of childhood diarrhoea:analysis of two cohort studiesGenser, Bernd; Strina, Agostino; Santos, Lenaldo Azevedo dos; Teles, Carlos A.; Prado, Matildes da Silva; Cairncross, Sandy; Barreto, Mauricio Lima
2005Asymptomatic giardiasis and growth in young children; a longitudinal study in Salvador, BrazilPrado, Matildes da Silva; Cairncross, Sandy; Strina, Agostino; Barreto, Mauricio Lima; Assis, Ana Marlucia de Oliveira; Rego, S.
Jun-2005Childhood diarrhoea symptoms, management and duration: observations from a longitudinal community studyStrina, Agostino; Cairncross, Sandy; Prado, Matildes da Silva; Teles, Carlos A. S.; Barreto, Mauricio Lima
2004Impact of drainage and sewerage on intestinal nematode infections in poor urban areas in Salvador, BrazilMoraes, L.R.S.; Cancio, Jacira Azevedo; Cairncross, Sandy
2003Impact of drainage and sewerage on diarrhoea in poor urban areas in Salvador, BrazilMoraes, L. R. S.; Cancio, Jacira Azevedo; Cairncross, Sandy; Huttly, Sharon
2012Factors associated with rotavirus diarrhoea in children living in a socially diverse urban centre in BrazilStrina, Agostino; Rodrigues, Laura C.; Cairncross, Sandy; Ferrer, Suzana R.; Fialho, Alexandre Madi; Leite, José Paulo Gagliardi; Ribeiro Junior, Hugo C.; Barreto, Mauricio Lima


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