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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Transfer matrix approach to the disordered Ising model on hierarchical latticesAndrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Santos, Danielle O. C.; Nogueira, Edvaldo Jr.
2006Neighborhood properties of complex networksAndrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Miranda, José Garcia Vivas; Lobão, Thierry Corrêa Petit
2003Exact solution for the self-organized critical rainfall modelAndrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva
2001Multifractal properties of aperiodic Ising model on hierarchical lattices: role of the geometric fluctuationsNogueira Júnior, E.; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Coutinho, Sérgio
2006Roughness of equipotential lines due to a self-affine boundaryAssis, Thiago Albuquerque de; Mota, Fernando de B.; Miranda, José Garcia Vivas; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Castilho, Caio Mário Castro de; Dias Filho, Hugo de O.
2004Determination of the fractal dimension of equipotential surfaces in a region confined by rough conductorsDias Filho, Hugo de O.; Castilho, Caio Mário Castro de; Miranda, José Garcia Vivas; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva
2003Ising spin glass by the transfer matrix approachAndrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Nogueira Júnior, E.; Coutinho, Sérgio
2000Influence of phase transition on pattern formation during catalytic reactionsAndrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Lima, D.; Cunha, F. B.
2004Critical properties of an aperiodic model for interacting polymersAndrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Haddad, T. A .S.; Salinas, S. R.
2003Multifractal Aspects for a Self Organized Critical ModelPinho, Suani Tavares Rubim de; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Nogueira Júnior, E.


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