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2003Vicker’s hardness and Raman spectroscopy evaluation of a dental composite cured by an argon laser and a halogen lampSoares, Luís Eduardo Silva; Martin, Airton Abrahão; Pinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Pacheco, Marcos Tadeu Tavares
2010Raman spectroscopy validation of DIAGNOdent-assisted fluorescence readings on tibial fractures treated with laser phototherapy, BMPs, guided bone regeneration, and miniplatesPinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Lopes, Cibelle Barbosa; Pacheco, Marcos Tadeu Tavares; Brugnera Júnior, Aldo; Zanin, Fátima Antonia Aparecida; Cangussu, Maria Cristina Teixeira; Silveira Junior, Landulfo
2012Differential diagnosis between experimental endophthalmitis and uveitis in vitreous with Raman spectroscopy and principal components analysisRossi, Eglas Emanuel; Pinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Baltatu, Ovidiu C.; Pacheco, Marcos Tadeu Tavares; Silveira Jr., Landulfo
Dec-2010Effects of laser photherapy on bone defects grafted with mineral trioxide aggregate, bone morphogenetic proteins, and guided bone regeneration: a Raman spectroscopic studyPinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Aciole, Gilberth Tadeu dos Santos; Cangussu, Maria Cristina Teixeira; Pacheco, Marcos Tadeu Tavares; Silveira Jr, Landulfo
2010Influence of laser (λ670 nm) and dexamethasone on the chronology of cutaneous repairMarchionni, Antônio M. T.; Medrado, Alena Ribeiro Alves Peixoto; Silva, Tânia Maria Correia; Fracassi, Larissa D.; Pinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Reis, Sílvia R. A.
2010Tooth Movement After Infrared Laser Phototherapy: Clinical Study in RodentsGama, Sabrina Kívia Correia; Habib, Fernando Antônio de Lima; Monteiro, Juliana S. de Carvalho; Paraguassú, Gardênia M.; Araújo, Telma Martins de; Cangussu, Maria Cristina Teixeira; Pinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa
2012Effectiveness of CO2 laser in removal of papillary gingival hyperplasiaGama, Sabrina Kívia Correia; Habib, Fernando Antônio de Lima; Pinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Araújo, Telma Martins de


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