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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Mineral composition of wheat flour consumed in Brazilian citiesAraujo, Rennan Geovanny Oliveira; Macedo, Samuel Marques; Korn, Maria das Graças Andrade; Pimentel, Maria Fernanda; Bruns, Roy Edward; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa
2004Doehlert matrix for optimisation of procedure for determination of nickel in saline oil-refinery effluents by use of flame atomic absorption spectrometry after preconcentration by cloud-point extractionBezerra, Marcos de Almeida; Conceição, André L. B.; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa
2008Method development for the determination of lead in wine using electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry comparing platform and filter furnace atomizers and different chemical modifiersDessuy, Morgana B.; Vale, Maria Goreti R.; Souza, Anderson Santos; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Welz, Bernhard; Katskov, Dmitri A.
2005Use of factorial design for optimization of microwave-assisted digestion of lubricating oilCosta, Letícia M.; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Nogueira, Ana Rita de Araujo; Nóbrega, Joaquim de Araújo
2001Flow injection determination of cobalt after its sorption onto polyurethane foam loaded with 2-(2-thiazolylazo)-p-cresol (TAC)Cassella, Ricardo Jorgensen; Salim, Veronica A.; Jesuı́no, Luciene S.; Santelli, Ricardo Erthal; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Carvalho, Marcelo Souza de
2001On-line preconcentration system for nickel determination in food samples by flame atomic absorption spectrometryFerreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Santos, Walter Nei Lopes dos; Lemos, Valfredo Azevedo
2006Multivariate technique for optimization of digestion procedure by focussed microwave system for determination of Mn, Zn and Fe in food samples using FAASBezerra, Marcos de Almeida; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Santelli, Ricardo Erthal; SantAna, Otoniel Domingos de; Cassella, Ricardo Jorgensen
2000An on-line continuous flow system for copper enrichment and determination by flame atomic absorption spectroscopyFerreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Lemos, Valfredo Azevedo; Moreira, Barbara C.; Costa, Antonio Celso Spinola; Santelli, Ricardo Erthal
2006Separation and preconcentration procedures for the determination of lead using spectrometric techniques: A reviewKorn, Maria das Graças Andrade; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Andrade, Jailson Bittencourt de; Jesus, Djane S. de; Lemos, Valfredo Azevedo; Bandeira, Marcus Luciano Souza de Ferreira; Santos, Walter Nei Lopes dos; Bezerra, Marcos de Almeida; Amorim, Fábio Alan Carqueija; Souza, Anderson Santos
2003Use of factorial design and Doehlert matrix for multivariate optimisation of an on-line preconcentration system for lead determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometryFerreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Santos, Walter Nei Lopes dos; Bezerra, Marcos de Almeida; Lemos, Valfredo Azevedo; Bosque-Sendra, Juan Manuel


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