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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Development of a non-chromatographic method for the speciation analysis of inorganic antimony in mushroom samples by hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometryFerreira, Hadla Sousa; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Cervera, M. Luisa; Guardia, Miguel de la
2005Application of Box–Behnken design in the optimisation of an on-line pre-concentration system using knotted reactor for cadmium determination by flame atomic absorption spectrometrySouza, Anderson Santos; Santos, Walter Nei Lopes dos; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa
1988Spectrophotometric determination of nickel in copper-base alloy with 2-(2-thiazoly lazo)-p -cresolFerreira, Sergio Luis Costa
2002Application of factorial designs and Doehlert matrix in optimization of experimentalvariabl es associated with the preconcentration and determination of vanadium and copper in seawater by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometryFerreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Queiroz, Adriana Santana; Fernandes, Marcelo Santiago; Hilda Costa dos Santos, Talma
2011Optimization of the operating conditions using factorial designs for determination of uranium by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometrySantos, Juracir S.; Teixeira, Leonardo Sena Gomes; Araujo, Rennan Geovanny Oliveira; Fernandes, Andréa Pires; Korn, Maria das Graças Andrade; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa
2013Pressure-driven mesofluidic platform integrating automated on-chip renewable micro-solid-phase extraction for ultrasensitive determination of waterborne inorganic mercuryPortugal, Lindomar A.; Laglera, Luis M.; Anthemidis, Aristidis N.; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Miró, Manuel
2003Arsenic determination in naphtha by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry after preconcentration using multiple injectionsRebouças, Márcio das Virgens; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Barros Neto, Benicio de
2005Behaviour of chemical modifiers in the determination of arsenic by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry in petroleum productsRebouças, Márcio das Virgens; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Barros Neto, Benicio de
2010Use of multivariate analysis techniques for the characterization of analytical results for the determination of the mineral composition of kaleFadigas, Joelma C.; Santos, Ana Maria Pinto dos; Jesus, Raildo M. de; Lima, Daniel C.; Fragoso, Wallace D.; David, Jorge Mauricio; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa
2000An on-line continuous flow system for copper enrichment and determination by flame atomic absorption spectroscopyFerreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Lemos, Valfredo Azevedo; Moreira, Barbara C.; Costa, Antonio Celso Spinola; Santelli, Ricardo Erthal


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