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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Biomodulative Effects of Polarized Light on the Healing of Cutaneous Wounds on Nourished and Undernourished Wistar RatsPinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Meireles, Gyselle Cynthia Silva; Carvalho, Carolina Montagn de; Vieira, Alessandro Leonardo de Barros; Santos, Jean Nunes dos; Ramalho, Luciana Maria Pedreira
2006Laser Therapy Improves Healing of Bone Defects Submitted to Autologus Bone GraftWeber, João Batista Blessmann; Pinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Oliveira, Marília Gerhardt de; Oliveira, Flávio Augusto M.; Ramalho, Luciana Maria Pedreira
2005Polarized light (400-2000nm) and non-ablative Laser (685nm): a description of the wound healing process using immunohistochemical analysisPinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Pozza, Daniel Humberto; Oliveira, Marília Gerhardt de; Weismann, Ruben; Ramalho, Luciana Maria Pedreira
2009Biomodulative effects of visible and IR laser light on the healing of cutaneous wounds of nourished and undernourished wistar ratsPinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Meireles, Gyselle Cynthia Silva; Carvalho, Carolina Montagn de; Ramalho, Luciana Maria Pedreira; Santos, Jean Nunes dos
2008Infrared laser light further improves bone healing when associated with bone morphogenic proteins: an in vivo study in a rodent modelGerbi, Marleny Gerbi E. Martinez; Marques, Aparecida M. C.; Ramalho, Luciana Maria Pedreira; Ponzi, Elizabeth Arruda Carneiro; Carvalho, Carolina Montagn de; Santos, Rafael de Carneiro; Oliveira, Priscila Chagas; Noia, Manuela Pimentel; Pinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa
2008Effect of IR laser photobiomodulation on the repair of bone defects grafted with organic bovine boneMartínez, Marleny Elizabeth Márquez; Pinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Ramalho, Luciana Maria Pedreira
2004A Preliminary Report on the Effect of Laser Therapy on the Healing of Cutaneous Surgical Wounds as a Consequence of an Inversely Proportional Relationship between Wavelength and Intensity: Histological Study in RatsPinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Nascimento, Patrícia Maria do; Salgado, Miguel Ângelo Castilho; Ramalho, Luciana Maria Pedreira
2011Light microscopic description of the effects of laser phototherapy on bone defects grafted with mineral trioxide aggregate, bone morphogenetic proteins, and guided bone regeneration in a rodent modelPinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Soares, Luiz Guilherme Pinheiro; Aciole, Gilberth Tadeu dos Santos; Correia, Neandder A.; Barbosa, Artur Felipe Santos; Ramalho, Luciana Maria Pedreira; Santos, Jean Nunes dos
2010Effects of laser photobiomodulation on cutaneous wounds treated with mitomycin C: a histomorphometric and histological study in a rodent modelSantos, Nicole R. Silva; Santos, Jean Nunes dos; Macedo Sobrinho, João Batista de; Ramalho, Luciana Maria Pedreira; Carvalho, Carolina Montagn de; Soares, Luiz Guilherme Pinheiro; Pinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa
2006Effects of Laser Therapy in CO2 Laser Wounds in RatsRamalho, Luciana Maria Pedreira; Pinheiro, Antonio Luiz Barbosa; Grbavac, Rita Adriana Oliveira; Veeck, Elaine Bauer; Bernard, Jean-Pierre


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