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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Radiographic changes of the jaws in HbSS and HbSC genotypes of sickle cell diseaseNeves, Frederico Sampaio; Almeida, Dayane Araújo de; Santos, Christiano de Oliveira; Santos, Jean Nunes dos; Toralles, Maria Betânia Pereira; Silva, Maria Christina Bahiana Olympio da; Campos, Maria Isabela Guimarães; Rebello, Iêda Margarida Crusoé Rocha
2012Risk assessment of inferior alveolar neurovascular bundle by multidetector computed tomography in extractions of third molarsNeves, Frederico Sampaio; Almeida, Solange Maria de; Bóscolo, Frab Norberto; Rebello, Iêda Margarida Crusoé Rocha; Haiter Neto, Francisco; Alves, Marcelo Corrêa; Campos, Paulo Sérgio Flores
2011Assessment of enamel-dentin caries lesions detection using bitewing PSP digital imagesTorres, Marianna Guanaes Gomes; Santos, Aline da Silva; Neves, Frederico Sampaio; Arriaga, Marcel Lautenschlager; Campos, Paulo Sérgio Flores; Rebello, Iêda Margarida Crusoé Rocha
2012Correlation between maxillofacial radiographic features and systemic severity as sickle cell disease severity predictorNeves, Frederico Sampaio; Passos, Cristina Pinho; Santos, Christiano de Oliveira; Cangussu, Maria Cristina Teixeira; Campos, Paulo Sérgio Flores; Nascimento, Roberto José Meyer; Rebello, Iêda Margarida Crusoé Rocha; Campos, Maria Isabela Guimarães
2013Rare anatomical variation related to the nasopalatine canalNeves, Frederico Sampaio; Oliveira, Luciana Koser; Mariz, Ana Carolina Ramos; Rebello, Iêda Margarida Crusoé Rocha; Santos, Christiano de Oliveira
2012Canalis sinuosus: a rare anatomical variationNeves, Frederico Sampaio; Souza, Mady Crusoé de; Franco, Luiz Carlos Simões; Caria, Paulo Henrique Ferreira; Almeida, Paula Bonfim; Rebello, Iêda Margarida Crusoé Rocha


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