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Title: Impaired lymphocyte profile in schistosomiasis patients with periportal fibrosis
Other Titles: Clinical and Developmental Immunology
Authors: Cardoso, Luciana Santos
Barreto, Andréia de Sousa Rocha
Fernandes, Jamille Souza
Oliveira, Ricardo Riccio
Souza, Robson da Paixão de
Carvalho Filho, Edgar Marcelino de
Araujo, Maria Ilma Andrade Santos
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The Th2 immune response in chronic schistosomiasis is associated with the development of periportal fibrosis. However, little is known about the phenotype and activation status of T cells in the process. Objective. To evaluate the profile of T cells in schistosomiasis patients with periportal fibrosis. Methods. It was a cross-sectional study, conducted in the village of Agua Preta, Bahia, Brazil, which included 37 subjects with periportal fibrosis determined by ultrasound. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells were obtained by the Ficcol-hypaque gradient and the frequency of T cells expressing the surface markers CD28, CD69, CD25, and CTLA-4 was determined by flow cytometry. Results. The frequency of CD4+CD28+ T lymphocytes was higher in individuals with moderate to severe fibrosis compared to patients with incipient fibrosis. We did not observe any significant difference in the frequency of CD4+ T cells expressing CD69 among groups of individuals. There was also no significant difference in the frequency of CD8+ T cells expressing CD28 or CD69 among the studied groups. Individuals with moderate to severe fibrosis presented a lower frequency of CD8+ T cells, CD4+CD25high T cells, and CD4+CTLA-4+ T cells when compared to patients without fibrosis or incipient fibrosis. The frequency of CD4+CD25low cells did not differ between groups. Conclusion. The high frequency of activated T cells coinciding with a low frequency of putative Treg cells may account for the development of periportal fibrosis in human schistosomiasis.
Description: p. 1-8
URI: http://repositorio.ufba.br/ri/handle/ri/15885
ISSN: 1740-2522
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