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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Imaging industrial contaminant plumes with resistivity techniquesLima, Olivar Antônio Lima de; Sato, Hédison Kiuity; Porsani, Milton José
1994Lithodependence of partly transported weathering horizons above a migmatite-diabase contact in Central Bahia State, BrazilMarker, Andreas; Oliveira, Joaquim Julio de; Schellmann, Werner
1998Amphibole-rich clots in calc-alkalic granitoids in the Borborema province, northeastern BrazilSial, A. N.; Ferreira, V. P.; Fallick, A. E.; Cruz, Manoel Jeronimo Moreira
1991Geochemical evolution of laterites from two areas of the semiarid region in Bahia State, BrazilCarvalho, Ilson Guimarães; Mestrinho, Suely Schuartz Pacheco; Fontes, Vanice M.S.; Goel, Om P.; Souza, Francisco de A.
1997Zero-order time domain scattering of electromagnetic plane waves by two quarter spacesSampaio, Edson E. S.; Popov, Mikhail M.
1990The formation of rare earth element scavenger minerals in weathering products derived from alkaline rocks of SE-Bahia, BrazilMarker, A.; Oliveira, J. J. de
1996Time domain scattering of acoustic plane waves by vertical faultsSampaio, Edson E. S.; Popov, Mikhail M.
1997Migração em duas etapas de dados ordenados em afastamento comumPestana, Reynam da Cruz; Costa, Monique Silva
1997Structural evolution of the Paleoproterozoic Rio Itapicuru granite-greenstone belt (Bahia, Brazil): the role of synkinematic plutons in the regional tectonicsSilva, Fernando César Alves da; Chauvet, A.; Faure, M.; Guerrot, C.
1999Formation of natural gas hydrates in marine sediments 2. Thermodynamic calculations of stability conditions in porous sedimentsHenry, Pierre; Thomas, Michel; Clennell, M. Ben


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