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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Contribution of environmental variables to anuran community structure in the Caatinga Domain of BrazilXavier, Ariane Lima; Napoli, Marcelo Felgueiras
2004Nomenclatural Status of the Synonyms of Hyla pardalis Spix, 1824, and Taxonomic Position of Hyla biobeba Bokermann and Sazima, 1974 (Anura: Hylidae)Caramaschi, Ulisses; Napoli, Marcelo Felgueiras
2012Amphibian conservation in the caatinga biome and semiarid region of BrazilCamardelli, Milena; Napoli, Marcelo Felgueiras
2005Paradoxical geographic distributions, new record, and corrections of Bokermannohyla circumdataNapoli, Marcelo Felgueiras; Encarnação, Lais; Cunha, Maria; Abreu, Rafael Oliveira de; Herrera, Jocilene
2012Water balance and spatial distribution of an anuran community from BrazilDabés, Lucianne; Bonfim, Vanessa Maria Gomes; Napoli, Marcelo Felgueiras; Klein, Wilfried
2011A new species of Proceratophrys Miranda-Ribeiro (Amphibia: Anura: Cycloramphidae) from the Chapada Diamantina, State of Bahia, northeastern BrazilNapoli, Marcelo Felgueiras; Cruz, Carlos Alberto Gonçalves; Abreu, Rafael Oliveira de; Del-Grande, Maria Lucia
2012Acoustic characteristics of the advertisement and territorial calls of Phyllodytes tuberculosus Bokermann, 1966 (Amphibia: Anura: Hylidae)Juncá, Flora Acuña; Napoli, Marcelo Felgueiras; Cedraz, Juliana; Nunes, Ivan
2010Amphibia, Anura, Strabomantidae, Strabomantis aramunha Cassimiro, Verdade and Rodrigues, 2008: Distribution extension with notes on natural history, color patterns, and morphometric dataNapoli, Marcelo Felgueiras; Cruz, Deise; Abreu, Rafael Oliveira de
2013The tadpole of Dendropsophus haddadi (Amphibia, Anura, Hylidae): additions on morphological traits and comparisons with tadpoles of the D. decipiens and D. microcephalus species groupsAbreu, Rafael Oliveira de; Napoli, Marcelo Felgueiras; Camardelli, Milena; Fonseca, Patricia Mendes
2007Unusual primitive heteromorphic ZZ/ZW sex chromosomes in Proceratophrys boiei (Anura, Cycloramphidae, Alsodinae), with description of C-Band interpopulational polymorphismAnanias, Fernando; Modesto, Álvaro Dhimas S.; Mendes, Samantha Celi; Napoli, Marcelo Felgueiras


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