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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Androgen levels in women using a single implant of nomegestrol acetateBarbosa, Ione Cristina; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Athayde, Célia Maria Soares; Ladipo, Oladapo A.; Olsson, Sven Eric; Ulmsten, Ulf
2001Carbohydrate metabolism in sickle cell patients using a subdermal implant containing nomegestrol acetate (Uniplant)Barbosa, Ione Cristina; Ladipo, Oladapo A.; Lourdes, Maria de; Nascimento, P.; Athayde, Célia Maria Soares; Hirsch, Cristina; Lopes, Renata; Matias, Bruno; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker
1997Changes in the menstrual bleeding of users of a subdermal contraceptive implant of nomegestrol acetate (Uniplant) do not influence sexual frequency, sexual desire, or sexual enjoymenttBarnhart, Kurt T.; Furman, Irene; Pommer, Ricardo; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Devoto, Luigi
1988Clinical experience with gossypol in non-chinese men: a follow-upCoutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Melo, José F.
1978Clinical experience with implant contraceptionCoutinho, Elsimar Metzker
1995Comparative study on intermittent versus continuous use of a contraceptive pill administered by vaginal routeCoutinho, Elsimar Metzker; O'Dwyer Junior, Edson; Barbosa, Ione Cristina; Ping, Gu Zhi; Shaaban, Mamdouh M.; Oyoon, Mohamed Aboul; Aleem, Hany Abdel
1985Contraception with long-acting subdermal implants. A five-year clinical trial with silastic covered rod implants containing levonorgestrelRobertson, Dale N.; Diaz, Soledad; Alvarez-Sanchez, Francisco; Holma, Pentti; Mishell, Daniel R.; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Brache, Vivian; Croxatto, Horacio B.; Paundes, Anibal; Lacarra, Maria; Pavez, Margarita; Roy, Subir; Silva, Ana Rita da; Sivin, Irving; Stern, Janet
1975Contraceptive effectiveness of silastic : Implants containing the progestin R-2323Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Silva, Ana Rita da; Carreira, Cacilda Maria; Chaves, Mario Cesar; Adeodato Filho, José
1972Control of fertility by monthly injections of a mixture of norgestrel and a long-acting estrogen : A preliminary reportSouza, J. Caetano de; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker
2004Efeito da inserção de implante anticoncepcional contendo acetato de nomegestrol sobre a função ovariana, muco cervical e penetração espermáticaBarbosa, Ione Cristina; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Matias, Bruno; Lopes, Renata; Lopes, Antônio Carlos Vieira
1998Efeitos do Implante Subdérmico de Acetato de Nomegestrol sobre o Metabolismo de Carboidratos, Lipoproteínas Séricas e Função HepáticaBarbosa, Ione Cristina; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Athayde, Célia Maria Soares; Ladipo, Oladapo A.; Olsson, Sven-Eric; Ulmsten, Ulf
2008Effect of oral contraceptives on vascular endothelial growth factor, Cox-2 and aromatase expression in the endometrium of uteri affected by myomas and associated pathologiesMaia Junior, Hugo; Casoy, Julio; Pimentel, Kleber Santos; Correia, Tania; Athayde, Célia Maria Soares; Cruz, Thomaz Rodrigues Porto da; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker
2006Effects of a single Silastic® contraceptive implant containing nomegestrol acetate (Uniplant) on endometrial morphology and ovarian function for 1 yearBarbosa, Ione Cristina; Maia Junior, Hugo; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Lopes, Renata; Lopes, Antônio Carlos Vieira; Noranha, Cristina; Botto, Adelmo
2000Efficacy, acceptability, and clinical effects of a low-dose injectable contraceptive combination of dihydroxyprogesterone acetophenide and estradiol enanthateCoutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Spinola, Paulo; Tomaz, Geraldez; Morais, Kleber; Souza, Rosival Nassar de; Pinho Neto, João Sabino; Leal, Weydson de Barros; Hippolito, Silvia Bomfim; Abranches, Anthony D'Aurea
1972Further studies on long-term contraception by subcutaneous silastic R capsules containing megestrol acetateCoutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Mattos, Carlos E. R.; Sant'Anna, Ana Rita S.; Adeodato Filho, José; Silva, Maria Conceição; Tatum, Howard J.
2000Gossypol blood levels and inhibition of spermatogenesis in men taking gossypol as a contraceptive: A multicenter, international, dose-finding studyCoutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Athayde, Célia Maria Soares; Atta, Gabriel; Emuveyan, Edward E.; Adekunle, Adeyemi O.; Mati, Japheth; Otubu, Joseph
1997Hormonal profile, endometrial histology and ovarian ultrasound assessment during 1 year of nomegestrol acetate implant (Uniplant®)Devoto, Luigi; Kohen, Paulina; Barnhart, Kurt T.; Alba, Francisco; Pommer, Ricardo; Retamales, Ivan; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker
1983Induction of ovulation with clomiphene citrate followed by LH-RH in womenMaia Junior, Hugo; Barbosa, Ione Cristina; Maia, H.; Hirsch, Cristina; Tironi, E.; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker
1977Inhibition of spermatogenesis in men with monthly injections of medroxyprogesterone acetate and testosterone enanthateMelo, José F.; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker
1984Intrauterine contraception with copper and with levonorgestrel: A randomized study of the TCu 380Ag and levonorgestrel 20 mcg/day devicesSivin, Irving; Alvarez, Francisco; Diaz, Juan; Diaz, Soledad; Mahgoub, Sayed El; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Brache, Vivian; Diaz, M. Margarita; Faundes, Anibal; Pavez, Margarita; Mattos, Carlos E.R.; Stern, Janet
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