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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Molecular dynamics simulation of α-melanocyte stimulating hormone in a water-membrane model interfacePascutti, Pedro Geraldo; El-Jaik, Lea Jaccoud; Bisch, Paulo Mascarello; Mundim, Kleber Carlos; Ito, Amando Siuiti
1995Molecular dynamics simulations of signal sequences at a membrane/water interfaceArêas, Elizabeth Pinheiro Gomes; Pascutti, Pedro Geraldo; Schreier, Shirley; Mundim, Kleber Carlos; Bisch, Paulo Mascarello
2001Multifractality, Levinthal paradox, and energy hypersurfaceMoret, M. A.; Pascutti, P. G.; Mundim, Kleber Carlos; Bisch, Paulo Mascarello; Nogueira Júnior, E.
1993Nonlinear dynamics and rupture of lipid bilayersGallez, D.; Pinto, N. M. Costa; Bisch, Paulo Mascarello
1997Nonlinear Dynamics of Lipid Films under Electric ForcesPorto, Celia Beatriz Anteneodo de; Bisch, Paulo Mascarello; Pinto, Nice Maria Americano da Costa Costa; Souza, Elias Ramos de
1999Polarization Effects on Peptide Conformations at Water]Membrane Interface by Molecular Dynamics SimulationPascutti, Pedro Geraldo; Mundim, Kleber Carlos; Ito, Amando Siuiti; Bisch, Paulo Mascarello
2005Stochastic strategy to analyze protein foldingNogueira Júnior, E.; Moret, M. A.; Bisch, Paulo Mascarello; Pascutti, P. G.
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7


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