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metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: An empirical model to predict soil bulk density profiles in field conditions using penetration resistance, moisture content and soil depth
Other Titles: Journal of Terramechanics
Authors: Hernanz, J. L.
Silva, Heraldo Peixoto da
Cerisola, C.
Sánchez-Girón, V.
metadata.dc.creator: Hernanz, J. L.
Silva, Heraldo Peixoto da
Cerisola, C.
Sánchez-Girón, V.
Abstract: Cylindrical soil probes measuring 300 mm in diameter by 300 mm in height were prepared in the laboratory using samples extracted from a well drained loamy soil (FAO classification: Vertic Luvisol). These probes were compacted at different moisture contents [3, 6, 9, 12, 15 and 18 (% w/w)] and using different compaction energies (9.81, 49.05, 98.1 and 981 J). The soil penetration resistance was determined by means of the ASAE 129 mm2 base area cone and seven other different cones with base sizes of 175, 144, 124, 98, 74, 39 and 26 mm2. The variability of the penetration resistance measurements increased as the size of the cone decreased. Nevertheless, the penetration resistance values proved to be independent of the cone used, as long as the size of the latter was equal to or greater than 98 mm2. This confirms the possibility of using cones with areas smaller than the ASAE standard when measurements are to be carried out in dry soils with high levels of mechanical resistance. The experimental data were used to develop an empirical model, a linear additive model on a log–log plane, capable of estimating soil bulk density depending on soil penetration resistance, soil moisture content and depth. This model has provided good results under field conditions and has allowed soil bulk density profiles and accumulated water profiles to be accurately estimated.
Keywords: Soil penetration resistance
Bulk density
Empirical model
Publisher: Elsevier
Issue Date: Oct-2000
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