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metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Abelhas generalistas (Meliponina) e o sucesso reprodutivo de Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum (Fabales: Mimosaceae) com florada em massa na Mata Atlântica, BA
Other Titles: Neotropical Entomology
Authors: Monteiro, Daniela
Ramalho, Mauro
metadata.dc.creator: Monteiro, Daniela
Ramalho, Mauro
Abstract: ABSTRACT - It is controversial the role played by Meliponina bees in the pollination of mass fl owering trees with small generalized fl owers (FMPG), very common group of trees in the tropical forest canopy. The species richness and relative abundance of fl ower visiting insects of the mass fl owering tree Stryphnodendron pulcherrimum were measured to test the hypothesis of tight ecological association between these generalist bees and FMPG and to evaluate the effect of this relationship upon the reproductive success variation among tree crowns. The fl ower visiting insects were sampled on 10 fl owering tree crowns at the Atlantic Rainforest in southern Bahia. Altogether, 553 visiting insects were collected during the fl owering period of S. pulcherrimum: 293 (52%) Meliponina bees out of 438 bees (79.4%). All tree crowns were visited by Meliponina, with the proportion of these bees ranging from 27% to 87%. The tight ecological association between FMPG trees and Meliponina bees is supported by the observed pattern of spatial relationship. Both the relationship between variation of fruit set among tree crowns and species richness (r = 0.3579; P = 0.3098) or relative abundance (r = 0.3070; P = 0.3881) of Meliponina were not statistically signifi cant. Likely a threshold of minimum relative abundance combined with the absolute abundance of these bees explain the fruit set variation among tree crowns of S. pulcherrimum, even by self-pollination. We tested this assumption with a preliminary analysis of Melipona bee genera distribution among the tree crowns.
Keywords: Stingless bee
Issue Date: 2010
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