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metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Membranas Inorgânicas e reatores catalíticos
Other Titles: Química Nova
Authors: Varela, Maria do Carmo Rangel Santos
metadata.dc.creator: Varela, Maria do Carmo Rangel Santos
Abstract: norganic membranes and catalytic reactors. Membrane reactors are reviewed with emphasis in their applications in catalysis field. The basic principles of these systems are presented as well as a historical development. The several kinds of catalytic membranes and their preparations are discussed including the problems, needs and challenges to be solved in order to use these reactors in commercial processes. Some applications of inorganic membrane reactors are also shown. It was concluded that these systems have a great potential for improving yield and selectivity of high temperature catalytic reactions. However, it is still an imerging technology with a need for a lot of fundamental research; several challenges should be overcome for the successful commercial application of these systems.
Keywords: Membrane reactors
Inorganic membranes
Catalytic membranes
Issue Date: 1997
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