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Title: Feminist Hip-Hop?: conventions of gender and feminisms in Salvador´s Hip-Hop movement
metadata.dc.creator: Freire, Rebeca Sobral
Abstract: This e-book discusses issues surrounding conventions of gender and feminism in Salvador’s Hip-hop Movement from the perspective of young activists. It seeks to analyze the possibility of a feminist hip-hop unique to Salvador while also understanding feminism in its plurality as a social movement. To this end, the work considers the forms in which feminist discourse is appropriated and how the research subjects engage in its ideologies through activism. An underlying emphasis is placed on the connection between social markers of gender, sexuality, and race in the political practice investigated. Assuming the qualitative research method, this ethnographic study used semi-structured interviews conducted with hip hoppers and participant observation from personal interactions under the interdisciplinary contribution of gender and feminist studies.
Keywords: Hip-hop (Cultura popular) Salvador(BA)
Mulheres – aspectos sociológicos Brasil
Publisher: EDUFBA
metadata.dc.rights: Acesso Aberto
Issue Date: 2020
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