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metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: A sobrevivência das pequenas empresas no desenvolvimento capitalista
Other Titles: Revista de Economia Política
Authors: Guerra, Oswaldo Ferreira
Teixeira, Francisco Lima Cruz
metadata.dc.creator: Guerra, Oswaldo Ferreira
Teixeira, Francisco Lima Cruz
Abstract: The survival of small companies in the capitalist development. The role of small companies in capitalist development has raised, throughout the years, the analytical curiosity of economists and other social scientists. In spite of the enormous disadvantages that they possess in competing with big capital, there are innumerable reasons for their survival. The empirical evidence is clear in attesting the importance of small companies in terms of GDP share and job creation and, at the same time, their difficulties for surviving. This paper presents a theoretical revision, departing from Marx, Marshall, Steindl and Schumpeter up to some contemporary authors, concerning the role of the small companies in capitalist development, emphasizing the reasons and the difficulties for its survival.
Keywords: Small companies,
Issue Date: Mar-2010
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