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metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Dip-adaptive singular-value decomposition filtering for seismic reflection enhancement
Other Titles: Geophysical Prospecting
Authors: Porsani, Milton José
Ursin, Bjorn
Silva, Michelângelo Gomes da
Melo, Paulo E. M.
metadata.dc.creator: Porsani, Milton José
Ursin, Bjorn
Silva, Michelângelo Gomes da
Melo, Paulo E. M.
Abstract: We present a singular value decomposition (SVD) filtering method for the enhancement of coherent reflections and for attenuation of noise. The method is applied in two steps. First normal move-out (NMO) correction is applied to shot or CMP records, with the purpose of flattening the reflections. We use a spatial SVD filter with a short sliding window to enhance coherent horizontal events. Then the data are sorted in common-offset panels and the local dip is estimated for each panel. The next SVD filtering is performed on a small number of traces and a small number of time samples centred around the output sample position. Data in a local window are corrected for linear moveout corresponding to the dips before SVD. At the central time sample position, we sum over the dominant eigenimages of a few traces, corresponding to SVD dip filtering. We illustrate the method using land seismic data from the Tacutu basin, located in the north-east of Brazil. The results show that the proposed method is effective and is able to reveal reflections masked by ground-roll and other types of noise.
Keywords: Local dip
Eigenimage Brasil
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Issue Date: 2013
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