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metadata.dc.type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Lorentz-like covariant equations of non-relativistic fluids
Other Titles: Journal of Physics -London- a Mathematical and General
Authors: Santana, Ademir Eugênio de
Montigny, M. de
Khanna, Faqir C.
metadata.dc.creator: Santana, Ademir Eugênio de
Montigny, M. de
Khanna, Faqir C.
Abstract: We use a geometrical formalism of Galilean invariance to build various hydrodynamics models. It consists in embedding the Newtonian spacetime into a non-Euclidean 4 + 1 space and provides thereby a procedure that unifies models otherwise apparently unrelated. After expressing the Navier– Stokes equation within this framework, we show that slight modifications of its Lagrangian allow us to recover the Chaplygin equation of state as well as models of superfluids for liquid helium(with both its irrotational and rotational components). Other fluid equations are also expressed in a covariant form.
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Issue Date: 2003
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