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Title: D-meson diffusion in hadronic matter
Authors: Torres-Rincon, Juan M.
Abreu, Luciano Melo
metadata.dc.creator: Torres-Rincon, Juan M.
Abreu, Luciano Melo
Abstract: We present effective-field-theory results with unitarized interactions on the D-meson transport coefficients in a gas populated by light mesons and baryons at finite temperature and baryochemical potential. The Fokker-Planck equation is used to compute the drag force, the relaxation time and the diffusion coefficients of D mesons for collisions at FAIR. At finite baryochemical potential, the combined effect of net baryonic density and sizable meson-baryon interaction makes the D mesons to relax more efficiently than in the case at zero baryochemical potential. We also describe the connection with the quark-gluon plasma phase in adiabatic trajectories on the phase diagram at both zero and finite baryochemical potential.
Keywords: Hadronic matter
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Issue Date: 11-Nov-2014
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