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dc.creatorGurgel, Clarissa Araújo Silva-
dc.creatorGomes, Mário Caymmi-
dc.creatorAgra, Ivan Marcelo Gonçalves-
dc.creatorKruschewsky, Leonardo de Souza-
dc.creatorSantos, Jean Nunes dos-
dc.description.abstractBackground: Salivary gland tumors are uncommon. This study aimed to investigate both clinical and epidemiological aspects of minor salivary gland tumors in a Brazilian population. Methods: From 1976 to 2007, data obtained from clinical records and histological diagnoses were reviewed according to the WHO. Results: A total of 217 MSGTs were identified. Pleomorphic adenomas (83%) and adenoid cystic carcinomas (28.8%) were the most frequent ones. The mean age of patients with benign and malignant tumors was 54.7 and 44.7 years, respectively. There was a female predominance and the palate was the most affected location. Surgery was the treatment of choice, but adjuvant radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy were also used. Recurrence rate of benign and malignant tumors was respectively 11.2% and 20.4%. Conclusion: this population showed a relatively higher proportion of malignant tumors, and these tumors were associated with a higher rate of recurrence when compared to benign tumors. However, the overall recurrence of 16.2% was also within the reported range for these tumors. In addition, despite the results of this study are similar to previous series found in the literature, it provides an important insight into the epidemiology of patients presenting minor salivary gland tumors.pt_BR
dc.subjectSalivary Glandspt_BR
dc.subjectSalivary Gland Neoplasmspt_BR
dc.subjectMouth Neoplasmspt_BR
dc.titleMinor salivary gland tumors in a south American populationpt_BR
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