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2014Holocene paleolimnological reconstruction of a high altitude Colombian tropical lakeCardozo, A. Y. V.; Gomes, Doriedson Ferrreira; Silva, Eduardo Mendes da; Duque, S. R. E.; Rangel, J. O. Ch.; Sifeddine, Abdelfettah; Turcq, Bruno; Albuquerque, Ana Luiza SpadanoArtigo de Periódico
2001Late-glacial cooling in Amazonia inferred from pollen at Lagoa do Caco, northern BrazilLedru, Marie-Pierre; Cordeiro, Renato Campello; Dominguez, José Maria Landim; Martin, Louis; Mourguiart, Philippe; Sifeddine, Abdelfetah; Turcq, BrunoArtigo de Periódico
1997Astronomical forcing of contrasting rainfall changes in tropical South America between 12,400 and 8800 cal yr BPMartin, Louis; Bertaux, Jacques; Corrège, Thierry; Ledru, Marie Pierre; Mourguiart, Philippe; Sifeddine, Abdelfettah; Soubiès, François; Wirrmann, Denis; Suguio, Kenitiro; Turcq, BrunoArtigo de Periódico
2001Variations of the Amazonian rainforest environment: a sedimentological record covering 30,000 yearsSifeddine, Abdelfettah; Martin, Louis; Turcq, Bruno; Ribeiro, Cecilia Volkmer; Soubiès, François; Cordeiro, Renato Campello; Suguio, KenitiroArtigo de Periódico
2014A late Holocene paleoclimate reconstruction from Boqueirão Lake sediments, northeastern BrazilViana, João Cláudio Cerqueira; Sifeddine, Abdelfettah; Turcq, Bruno; Albuquerque, Ana Luiza Spadano; Moreira, Luciane Silva; Gomes, Doriedson Ferreira; Cordeiro, Renato CampelloArtigo de Periódico