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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2008Evolution of density perturbations in decaying vacuum cosmology: the case of nonzero perturbations in the cosmological termBorges, H. A.; Carneiro, Saulo; Fabris, J. C.Artigo de Periódico
2005Friedmann cosmology with decaying vacuum densityBorges, H. A.; Carneiro, SauloArtigo de Periódico
2013Non-adiabatic Chaplygin gasBorges, H. A.; Carneiro, Saulo; Fabris, J. C.; Zimdahl, W.Artigo de Periódico
1997Weber-like interactions and energy conservationBunchaft, F.; Carneiro, SauloArtigo de Periódico
1998The static spacetime relative acceleration for general free fall and its possible experimental testBunchaft, F.; Carneiro, SauloArtigo de Periódico
2001Anisotropic cosmologies containing isotropic background radiationCarneiro, Saulo; Marugán, Guillermo A. MenaArtigo de Periódico
2011Non-adiabatic perturbations in decaying vacuum cosmologyCarneiro, Saulo; Borges, H. A.; Zimdahl, W.; Fabris, J. C.; Ricaldi, W. S. HipólitoArtigo de Periódico
2004An alternative theoretical approach to describe planetary systems through a Schrödinger-type diffusion equationCarneiro, Saulo; Oliveira Neto, M. de; Maia, L.A.Artigo de Periódico
Jun-2002Open cosmologies with rotationCarneiro, SauloArtigo de Periódico
1998The large numbers hypothesis and quantum mechanicsCarneiro, SauloArtigo de Periódico
2006From de sitter to de sitter: a non-singular inflationary universe driven by vacuumCarneiro, SauloArtigo de Periódico
2009On vacuum density, the initial singularity and dark energyCarneiro, Saulo; Tavakol, RezaArtigo de Periódico
2003On the vacuum entropy and the cosmological constantCarneiro, SauloArtigo de Periódico
Dec-2005Exact solutions of Brans-Dicke cosmology and the cosmic coincidence problemCarneiro, Saulo; Montenegro Júnior, A. E.Artigo de Periódico
2012Inflationary perturbations in anisotropic, shear-free universesCarneiro, Saulo; Pereira, Thiago S.; Marugan, Guillermo A. MenaArtigo de Periódico
2007Non-singular inflation with vacuum decayCarneiro, SauloArtigo de Periódico
2009Stability of the Einstein static universe in the presence of vacuum energyCarneiro, Saulo; Tavakol, RezaArtigo de Periódico
2005The cosmic coincidence in Brans–Dicke cosmologiesCarneiro, SauloArtigo de Periódico
2005Spacetime quantization induced by axial currentsCarneiro, Saulo; Nemes, M. C.Artigo de Periódico
2013Distance-redshift relations in an anisotropic cosmological modelMenezes Junior, R. S.; Pigozzo, C.; Carneiro, SauloArtigo de Periódico