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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1995A recombinant leishmania antigen that stimulates human peripheral blood mononuclear cells to express a th1-type cytokine profile and to produce interleukin 12-Artigo de Periódico
Aug-2003Use of rhu-GM-CSF in pulmonary tuberculosis patients: results of a randomized clinical trial-Artigo de Periódico
2006Phase II randomized, placebo-controlled trial of M. vaccae-derived protein (PVAC®) for the treatment of psoriasis-Artigo de Periódico
Jun-1999Molecular Characterization and Human T-Cell Responses to a Member of a Novel Mycobacterium tuberculosis mtb39 Gene Family-Artigo de Periódico
2008Real-time in vivo green fluorescent protein imaging of a murine leishmaniasis model as a new tool for Leishmania vaccine and drug discovery-Artigo de Periódico
1992HTLV-II and a new endemic area for HTLV-I in Brazil-Artigo de Periódico
2012A cross-sectional study of sub-clinical Plasmodium falciparum infection in HIV-1 infected and uninfected populations in Mozambique, South-Eastern Africa-Artigo de Periódico
Sep-2000Molecular and immunological characterization of mycobacterium tuberculosis CFP-10, an immunodiagnostic antigen missing in mycobacterium bovis BCG-Artigo de Periódico
Feb-2004Gatifloxacin in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonias. A comparative trial of ceftriaxone, with or without macrolides, in hospitalized adult patients with mild to moderately severe pneumonia-Artigo de Periódico
Feb-2007Paragonimiasis: first case reported in Brazil-Artigo de Periódico
1993Molecular characterization of a kinesin-related antigen of Leishmania chagasi that detects specific antibody in African and American visceral leishmaniasis-Artigo de Periódico
2011Th1/Th2 Cytokine Profile in Patients Coinfected with HIV and Leishmania in Brazil-Artigo de Periódico
1992HTLV-I associated myelopathy in salvador (northeastern Brazil)-Artigo de Periódico
2006Domestic swine in a visceral leishmaniasis endemic area produce antibodies against multiple Leishmania infantum antigens but apparently resist to L. infantum infection-Artigo de Periódico
2001Assessment of the serodiagnostic potential of nine novel proteins from Mycobacterium tuberculosis-Artigo de Periódico
2001Evaluation of DPPD, a single recombinant Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein as an alternative antigen for the Mantoux test-Artigo de Periódico
1994Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor in combination with pentavalent antimony for the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis-Artigo de Periódico
1985Absence of Gamma Interferon and Interleukin 2 Production during Active Visceral Leishmaniasis-Artigo de Periódico
1995A recombinant Leishmania antigen that stimulates human peripheral blood mononuclear cells to express a Th1-type cytokine profile and to produce interleukin 12-Artigo de Periódico
2004Efficacy and Safety of Efavirenz in HIV Patients on Rifampin for Tuberculosis-Artigo de Periódico