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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2009Statistical mixture design development of digestion methods for Oyster tissue using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry for the determination of metallic ionsNano, Rita M. W.; Bruns, Roy Edward; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Baccan, Nivaldo; Cadore, Solange
2009Multivariate optimization and validation of an analytical method for the determination of cadmium in wines employing ET AASFerreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Jesus, Robson M. de; Matos, Geraldo D.; Andrade, Jailson Bittencourt de; Bruns, Roy Edward; Santos, Walter Nei Lopes dos; Cavalcante, Dannuza Dias; Vale, Maria G. R.; Dessuy, Morgana B.
2009A photo-oxidation procedure using UV radiation/H2O2 for decomposition of wine samples: determination of iron and manganese content by flame atomic absorption spectrometrySantos, Walter Nei Lopes dos; Brandão, Geovani Cardoso; Portugal, Lindomar A.; David, Jorge Mauricio; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa
15-Dec-2009Determination of total arsenic and arsenic (III) in phosphate fertilizers and phosphate rocks by HG-AAS after multivariate optimization based on Box-Behnken designMacedo, Samuel Marques; Jesus, Raildo M. de; Garcia, Karina S.; Hatje, Vanessa; Queiroz, Antônio Fernando de Souza; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa
2009Application of multivariate optimization in the development of an ultrasound-assisted extraction procedure for multielemental determination in bean seeds samples using ICP OESSantos, Wagna Piler Carvalho; Castro, Jacira Teixeira; Bezerra, Marcos de Almeida; Fernandes, Andréa Pires; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Korn, Maria das Graças Andrade
2009Development of a non-chromatographic method for the speciation analysis of inorganic antimony in mushroom samples by hydride generation atomic fluorescence spectrometryFerreira, Hadla Sousa; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Cervera, M. Luisa; Guardia, Miguel de la
Jul-2009Speciation of chromium in river water samples contaminated with leather effluents by flame atomic absorption spectrometry after separation/preconcentration by cloud point extractionMatos, Geraldo D.; Reis, Edmagno B. dos; Costa, Antonio Celso Spinola; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa
2009Biodiesel: parâmetros de qualidade e métodos analíticosLôbo, Ivon Pinheiro; Ferreira, Sergio Luis Costa; Cruz, Rosenira Serpa da


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