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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Analytical approach to directed sandpile models on the Apollonian networkVieira, André P.; Andrade Júnior, José Soares de; Herrmann, Hans J.; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva
2008Localization properties of a tight-binding electronic model on the Apollonian networkCardoso, A. L.; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Souza, A. M. C.
2009Learning paths in complex networksCajueiro, Daniel Oliveira; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva
2008Characterization of complex networks by higher order neighborhood propertiesAndrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Miranda, José Garcia Vivas; Pinho, Suani Tavares Rubim de; Lobão, Thierry Corrêa Petit
14-Jan-2005Apollonian Networks: Simultaneously Scale-Free, Small World, Euclidean, Space Filling, and with Matching GraphsAndrade Júnior, José Soares de; Herrmann, Hans J.; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Silva, Luciano R. da
15-Dec-2004Remarks on disorder and aperiodicity in a model for interacting polymersHaddad, T. A. S.; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Salinas, S. R.
2001Fractal characterization ofthe distribution of reactive sites over a rough catalyst surfaceAndrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Cajueiro, Daniel Oliveira; Ferreira, C. S.
2001R/S analysis of pluviometric records: comparison with numerical experimentsMiranda, José Garcia Vivas; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva
2006Multifractal properties of aperiodic Ising models with competition and frustrationNogueira Júnior, E.; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Coutinho, Sérgio
2006The network of concepts in written textsLobão, Thierry Corrêa Petit; Caldeira, Silvia Maria Gomes; Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva; Neme, A.; Miranda, José Garcia Vivas


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