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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Occurrence of Listeria spp. in Brazilian fresh sausage and control of Listeria monocytogenes using bacteriophage P100Rossi, Lívia P. R.; Almeida, Rogeria Comastri de Castro; Lopes, Layse S.; Figueiredo, Ana C. L.; Ramos, Maria P. P.; Almeida, Paulo Fernando de
2005The incidence and level of listeria spp. and listeria monocytogenes contamination in processed poultry at a poultry processing plantLoura, Cláudia A. C.; Almeida, Rogeria Comastri de Castro; Almeida, Paulo Fernando de
2004Selection and Application of Microorganisms to Improve Oil RecoveryAlmeida, Paulo Fernando de; Moreira, R. S.; Almeida, Rogeria Comastri de Castro; Guimarães, A. K.; Carvalho, A. S.; Quintella, Cristina Maria Assis Lopes Tavares da Mata Hermida; Esperidião, Maria Cecília Azevedo; Taft, C. A.
2006Hazards and critical control points in Brazilian seafood dish preparationLandeiro, Celina M. P. A.; Almeida, Rogeria Comastri de Castro; Nascimento, Ana T. M.; Ferreira, Jeane S.; Yano, Tomomasa; Almeida, Paulo Fernando de
2002Occurrence of Listeria spp. in critical control points and the environment of Minas Frescal cheese processingSilva, Isabella M. M.; Almeida, Rogeria Comastri de Castro; Alves, M. A. O.; Almeida, Paulo Fernando de
1999Implementation of a HACCP system for on-site hospital preparation of infant formulaAlmeida, Rogeria Comastri de Castro; Matos, C. O.; Almeida, Paulo Fernando de
2009Microbiological quality and safety of meals served to children and adoption of good manufacturing practices in public school catering in BrazilSantana, Nadja G.; Almeida, Rogeria Comastri de Castro; Ferreira, Jeane S.; Almeida, Paulo Fernando de
Oct-2010Hygienic-sanitary quality of vegetables and evaluation of treatments for the elimination of indigenous E. coli and E. coli O157:H7 from the surface of leaves of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)Santos, Ytana Oliveira; Almeida, Rogeria Comastri de Castro; Guimarães, Alaise Gil; Almeida, Paulo Fernando de
Aug-1995Avaliação e controle da qualidade microbiológica de mãos de manipuladores de alimentosAlmeida, Rogeria Comastri de Castro; Kuaye, Arnaldo Yoshiteru; Serrano, Antônio de Melo; Almeida, Paulo Fernando de
2012Bacteriophage amplification assay for detection of listeria spp. using virucidal laser treatmentOliveira, I. C.; Almeida, Rogeria Comastri de Castro; Hofer, Ernesto; Almeida, Paulo Fernando de


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