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Title: Tsallis scaling in the long-range Ising chain with competitive interactions
Other Titles: Brazilian Journal of Physics
Authors: Carvalho Neto, Edgar Marcelino de
Andrade, Roberto Fernandes Silva
Keywords: Competitive interactions;Long-range Ising chain
Issue Date: Aug-2009
Publisher: Sociedade Brasileira de Física
Abstract: A numerically efficient transfer matrix approach is used to investigate the validity of the Tsallis scaling hypothesis in the long-range Ising spin chain with competitive interactions. In this model, the interaction between two spins i and j placed r lattice steps apart is Ji, j = (-1)ζ(i,j)J0/rα, where ζ(i, j) is either 0 or 1. This procedure has succeeded to show the validity of the scaling hypothesis for the well investigated ferromagnetic version of the model, i.e., ζ(i, j)= 0,∀i, j, ∀α > 0. Results are reported for some models of a set, which is defined by requiring ζ(i, j) to be a periodic sequence of 0's and 1's. As expected from symmetry arguments, we find that the hypothesis is not valid when ζ(i, j)= 1,∀i, j and α < 1. however, it is verified, with high degree of numerical accuracy, when α < 1, for sequences in which the occurrence of ζ(i, j)= 0 is more frequent than that of ζ(i, j)= 1.
Description: p.417-422
URI: http://www.repositorio.ufba.br/ri/handle/ri/6825
ISSN: 0103-9733
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