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1984Treatment of fibrocystic disease of the breast with gestrinone, a new trienic synthetic steroid with anti-estrogen, anti-progesterone propertiesCoutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Boulanger, G. Azadian
1984Intrauterine contraception with copper and with levonorgestrel: A randomized study of the TCu 380Ag and levonorgestrel 20 mcg/day devicesSivin, Irving; Alvarez, Francisco; Diaz, Juan; Diaz, Soledad; Mahgoub, Sayed El; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Brache, Vivian; Diaz, M. Margarita; Faundes, Anibal; Pavez, Margarita; Mattos, Carlos E.R.; Stern, Janet
1981Pharmacokinetics of ethynyloestradiol in women from different populationsFotherby, K.; Akpoviroro, J.; Abdel-Rahman, H. A.; Toppozada, H. K.; Souza, J. Caetano de; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Koetsawang, S.; Nukulkarn, P.; Sheth, U. K.; Napa, M. K.; Gopalan, S.; Plunkett, E. R.; Brenner, P. F.; Hickey, M. V.; Grech, E. S.; Lichtenberg, R.; Gual, C.; Molina, R.; Gomez-Rogers, C.; Kwon, E.; Kim, S. W.; Chan, T.; Ratnam, S. S.; Landgren, B. M.; Shearman, R. P.; Goldzieher, J. W.; Dozier, T. S.
1985Contraception with long-acting subdermal implants. A five-year clinical trial with silastic covered rod implants containing levonorgestrelRobertson, Dale N.; Diaz, Soledad; Alvarez-Sanchez, Francisco; Holma, Pentti; Mishell, Daniel R.; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Brache, Vivian; Croxatto, Horacio B.; Paundes, Anibal; Lacarra, Maria; Pavez, Margarita; Roy, Subir; Silva, Ana Rita da; Sivin, Irving; Stern, Janet
1987Two years of intrauterine contraception with levonorgestrel and with copper: A randomized comparison of the TCu 380Ag and levonorgestrel 20 mcg/day deviceSivin, Irving; Stern, Janet; Diaz, Juan; Diaz, M. Margarita; Faundes, Anibal; Mahgoub, Sayed El; Diaz, Soledad; Pavez, Margarita; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Mattos, Carlos E. R.; McCarthy, Terry; Mishell, D. R.; Shoupe, Donna; Alvarez, Francisco; Brache, Vivian; Jimenez, Elvira
1984Ovulation inhibition following vaginal administration of pills containing norethindrone and mestranolCoutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Silva, A. R.; Carreira, C.; Barbosa, Ione Cristina
1982Long-lasting ovulation inhibition with a new injectable progestagen ORG-2154Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker; Souza, J. Caetano de; Barbosa, Ione Cristina; Silva, V. Dourado
1983Induction of ovulation with clomiphene citrate followed by LH-RH in womenMaia Junior, Hugo; Barbosa, Ione Cristina; Maia, H.; Hirsch, Cristina; Tironi, E.; Coutinho, Elsimar Metzker


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