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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Stress protein accumulation as an indicator of impact by the petroleum industry in Todos OS Santos Bay, BrazilNascimento, Iracema Andrade; Leite, Maria Bernadete Neiva Lemos; Sansone, Giovanni; Pereira, Solange Andrade; Smith, D. H.
2013Comparing the use of different domestic wastewaters for coupling microalgal production and nutrient removalCabanelas, Iago Teles Dominguez; Ruiz, Jésus; Arbib, Zouhayr; Chinalia, Fábio Alexandre; Garrido-Pérez, Carmen; Rogalla, Frank; Nascimento, Iracema Andrade; Perales, José A.
2008The lysosomal Stability as a Biomarker for the Determination of Pollution in Aquatic EnvironmentsNazar, Maria Loreto; Rodrigues, Luiz Erlon Araujo; Nascimento, Iracema Andrade
1986Pathological findings in Crassostrea rhizophorae from Todos os Santos Bay, Bahia, BrazilNascimento, Iracema Andrade; Smith, Donald H.; Kern, Frederick; Pereira, Solange Andrade
2013Screening Microalgae Strains for Biodiesel Production: Lipid Productivity and Estimation of Fuel Quality Based on Fatty Acids Profiles as Selective CriteriaNascimento, Iracema Andrade; Marques, Sheyla Santa Izabel; Cabanelas, Iago Teles Dominguez; Pereira, Solange Andrade; Druzian, Janice Izabel; Souza, Carolina Oliveira de; Vich, Daniele Vital; Carvalho, Gilson Correia de; Nascimento, Maurício Andrade
1980Efeitos do caranguejo Pinnotheres ostreum em ostras Crassostrea rhizophoraeNascimento, Iracema Andrade; Pereira, Solange Andrade
1991Reproduction of ablated and unablated Penaeus schmitti in captivity using diets consisting of fresh-frozen natural and dried formulated feedsNascimento, Iracema Andrade; Bray, William A.; Trujillo, Joanna R. Leung; Lawrence, Addison
1985Influence of gamete density, salinity and temperature on the normal embryonic development of the mangrove oyster Crassostrea rhizophorae Guilding, 1828Santos, Antonia Euflosina dos; Nascimento, Iracema Andrade
2005Lysosomal responses as a diagnostic tool for the detection of chronic petroleum pollution at Todos os Santos Bay, BrazilNascimento, Iracema Andrade; Fillmann, Gilberto; Martins, L. K. P.; King, R.; Evangelista, A. J. A.; Readman, J. W.; Depledge, M. H.
2005Selection of cryoprotectants based on their toxic effects on oyster gametes and embryosNascimento, Iracema Andrade; Leite, Maria Bernadete Neiva Lemos; Araujo, Milena Maria Sampaio de; Sansone, Giovanni; Pereira, Solange Andrade; Espírito Santo, Maristela do


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