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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Antibodies to citrullinated peptides in tuberculosisLima, I.; Oliveira, R. C.; Atta, Ajax Mercês; Marchi, S.; Barbosa, L.; Reis, E.; Reis, M. G.; Santiago, Mittermayer Barreto
2003Comparative Study of Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes 1 and 3 in Salvador, BahiaCodes, L.; Freitas, L. A. R. de; Jesus, Rogério Santos; Vitvitski, Ludmila; Silva, L. K.; Trepo, Christian; Reis, M. G.; Paraná, Raymundo
2007Folate, vitamin B12 and total homocysteine levels in neonates from BrazilCouto, Fábio David; Moreira, L. M. O.; Santos, D. B. dos; Reis, M. G.; Gonçalves, M. S.
2013Longitudinal surveillance for meningitis by Acinetobacter in a large urban setting in BrazilCoelho-Souza, T.; Reis, J. N.; Martins, N.; Martins, I. S.; Menezes, A. O.; Reis, M. G.; Silva, N. O.; Dias, R. C. S.; Riley, L. W.; Moreira, B. M.
2007Morphological alterations in the kidney of rats with natural and experimental leptospira infectionFaria, M. Tucunduva de; Athanazio, Daniel Abensur; Ramos, Eduardo Antônio Gonçalves; Silva, E. F.; Reis, M. G.; Ko, A. I.
2007Naïve donor responses to Schistosoma mansoni soluble egg antigensReis, E. A. G.; Azevedo, Theomira Mauadi Carmo; McBride, A. J. A.; Harn Jr, D. A.; Reis, M. G.
2006Prevalence of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and HCV genotypes of hemodialysis patients in Salvador, Northeastern BrazilSilva, L. K.; Silva, M. B. S.; Rodart, I. F.; Lopes, Gisele Barreto; Costa, F. Q.; Melo, M. E.; Gusmão, E.; Reis, M. G.
2008Schistosoma mansoni Triose Phosphate Isomerase Peptide MAP4 is Able to Trigger Naı¨ve Donor Immune Response Towards a Type-1 Cytokine ProfileReis, E. A. G.; Carmo, Theomira Mauadie Azevedo; Athanazio, Rodrigo Abensur; Reis, M. G.; Harn Jr, D. A.
2008Sequence change in the HS2-LCR and Gγ-globin gene promoter region of sickle cell anemia patientsAdorno, Elisângela Vitória; Moura Neto, José Pereira de; Lyra, Isa Menezes; Zanette, Angela Maria Dias; Santos, L. F. O.; Seixas, Magda Oliveira; Reis, M. G.; Goncalves, M. S.
Showing results 1 to 9 of 9


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